Abercrombie - Employee fired for wearing hijab.

Abercrombie seems to have backed itself into a corner with this one.

A Muslim employee was fired for wearing her hijab. In their motion for summary judgment, Abercrombie's attorney said the wearing of the hijab hurt the store's sales. Unfortunately for Abercrombie, nobody seems to have any evidence supporting these claims. The judge in the case was less than impressed.

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California Supreme Court - Mixed-Motives

Saturday, 05 July 2014 00:00
California Supreme Court - Mixed-Motives

In February, the California Supreme Court ruled that a jury in a mixed-motive case alleging unlawful termination should be instructed that it must find the employer's action was substantially motivated by discrimination before the burden shifts to the employer to make a same-decision showing, and that a same-decision showing precludes an award of reinstatement, back pay, or damages.

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